First event in Spanish speaking South America; Chile 2011

The roots of Ambassadors Football Latin America (AF LATAM) date back to the early days of the ministry.

Haiti and Brazil were the first two countries in the region with established football ministries to lead the way in the region. After Brazil was established as the first South American country in the ministry, and as the ministry was growing elsewhere around the world, the LATAM region remained essentially quiet.

Then, in 2011 things started to stir. The stories of how God connects His world for His will are really quite amazing when looking at the emerging story of this region.

To make that long story short, a work began in Chile with the help of the Brazilian group which was soon followed by a new work in Mexico. Then next up was a false start in Peru followed by Colombia then a much better established work in Peru.

LATAM History Timeline

Haiti – 1989
Brazil – 2005
Chile – 2011
Mexico – 2014
Colombia – 2015
Peru – 2015

We are excited to see how the Lord continues to connect us with others who desire to use football as ministry throughout the region. Passionate coaches have been trained across the region and as of late 2017 we are in conversations with, and planning training for, people in Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Uruguay that we pray will lead to new established works.

Please add us all to your prayer lists and consider other ways that the Lord may want to use you to spread the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ throughout this region.