Our Dream

Our dream is to see boys and girls, together with their families and communities transformed by the gospel. We want to see a generation of young people capable of dreaming of a different future, who can generate development in their communities and be agents of change. We want to see Ambassadors of Christ both on and off the field.

Our Need

The fields in which we play are usually dirt, which wears much faster our sports equipment such as cleats, balls, cones and gloves. Our semi-professional team qualified to play in the National League which requires a much higher investment in terms of field’s rental for training plus the costs of participating in this tournament.

Our Inspiration

We play and discipline our bodies to win an eternal prize. That’s why we run the race of life with purpose. 1 Corinthians 9: 25-26


Our Ministry Overview

Ambassadors in Colombia has a Club with 2 teams (U-20 and U-15) with which it participates in the local league (national in 2019). We also carry out soccer camps in association with churches to impact the greatest number of children. We support, through training, materials and devotionals, 4 ministries in different parts of the country, which reaches approximately 200 children monthly. In total, Ambassadors Football impacts every month about 250 kids is the official site for AF Colombia